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Upgrades include adding or changing things on your current system. If you need a new hard drive, more memory, etc. We consider those system upgrades. Most system upgrades we request you bring the machine to us, as many times it will take a special tool to open the machine or install the piece in your exsisting machine. Depending on the schedule we can do many of these upgrades if you drop the machine off by 4:00 pm so that you can have it by 10:00 am the next morning. There is occassionally a day that this isn't possible, but those a very few and far between.

The second type of upgrade is a hardware upgrade. You've changed printers and need the new one installed, you want to add a scanner or a backup hard drive to your current system configuration. These are done onsite so when we leave the new devise is working. Many times you can also request that we help you with a basic product orientation. That would include showing you how to install the cartridges, show you how to do a basic scan, etc.


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