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Better Half Consulting can setup up, re-set, update and transfer networks and network services. We can provide basic services where you put everything in place and we put the pieces together or we are happy to help you put all those parts together so it takes the least amount of your time. Intergration services are also available. We can intetgrate macs into your windows network or a windows machine into your mac network or something as simple as adding additonal machines or services to your LAN or WAN configuration.

The best starting place is to determine what type of network services you need: wired, wireless, local area network services, wide area network services, and/or server services. Local area network services better known as LAN can provide a printer to everyone on the network, sharing an internet connection, sharing and moving files to and from systems connected to the network. Wide area network services better known as WAN allows a person to access information from home at the office or vice versa, printing from one place to the other, accessing LAN resources outside the firewall (the device that protects you from the outside world), and access data from your server or database. We can provide setup of your Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), transfer or moves of Internet Service Providers, moving from DSL or Cable to T1 or T3 for small and medium size business, troubleshooting of bandwidth issues and opening ports on your firewall to access information while traveling or at home.

We have a list of references if you would like to speak with someone that uses our services before hiring us to work with you. Please click here, for a reference request.


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