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We provide migration services from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X, Mac OS X to Mac OS X, from Windows to Mac OS X, or Windows to Windows. We are happy to help you plan your migration as well and help determine what additional applications you will need.

We can migrate your email, documents, addressbooks, bookmarks and more. The average migration process is 6-8 hours to have you up and running. We also provide additional services include database, single platform application data to cross-platform application data as well. Please be aware that these servers are not usually handled in one day like our simple Machine to Machine migrations are.

Our migration services start at $340 and go up. Although Apple's upgrade tool is very good, remember you need to be careful if both machines aren't on the same Operating System. (Operating System means the version of either Mac or Windows that you have on the machine.) To find out what Version of Operating System that you are running:

  • Macintosh systems: Go to the Apple and choose About this Mac. Your OS version is on this screen.
  • Windows systems: Go to Start, to Control Panel, to System.

When you call for a quote, please have the version of Operating System on your old machine, the version of Operating System on your new machine, the number of applications you want loaded, as well as the items you want converted. You will need the application install discs the day we do the migration. We are happy to give you an estimate prior to services being rendered.


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