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General Set-up is for those who just need to have a machine setup. This includes adding programs, printers, scanners, internet connections, setting up email and basic instruction. The information we need to schedule a general set-up is: the peripherals you want installed (printer, external backup drive, scanner etc), if you have an internet connection or are just signing on the first time, if you need your internet modem setup or if you need a wireless network setup, what applications you have and want loaded and if you want a general orientation for your new machine.

General Set-up does not include migrating old information to the new machine. We do provide those services as well, but will need additional information so we are prepared when we get there. Migration is a little more indepth and many times takes additional tools and resources. To find out what we need for migration services, click here.

We can help you set up a new internet provider, set up your email, help provide support and training during the learning process for your new machine. As you get comfortable with your new machine, we can provide tech-support, troubleshooting, training for general operating system and most popular applications as well. For additional information about our training services, click here. For additional information about our troubleshooting services, click here. We can also set up either a wired, wireless or mixed network. For additional information about networking services, click here.


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