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Databases are used for all types of information from simple contact managers, to tracking of information, mass mails, to intricate databases that track your business and the things that are important to your business. Most use predesigned solutions, but many don't realize you still need to maintain the database structure and integrity of the data. Even your spreadsheets, if you change the information in them regularly need to be maintained so that they don't become damaged. The more often you change the information, the more often you need to maintain the data. The average database should have routine maintenance done every couple of weeks. Remember this data is your business. Without the data you have to do one of two things: 1) recreate it for ease of use, or 2) just get along without it.

Better Half Consulting can design your database from the ground up, help you to customize the database you have, migrate your data to a more customizable solution, or help you maintain the integrity of the data that is in your database. We support most major database formats, but our database of choice is FileMaker Pro. Our Senior Consultant has been working with FileMaker Pro for 20+ years. FileMaker has many advantages from easy design and maintenance, to providing information directly to and from the web, both LAN and WAN based connections and very high end scripting and calculation capabilities. Call us even if all you need is some basic questions answered or want to look at any of our database services.


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