Better Half Consulting: Mostly Macs but we do windows to.

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Better Half Consulting is a partnership between our husband and wife team. They have three key employees that help them provide services to their key customers. Between the 5 members of our team we have over 45 years of both Mac and Windows consulting. One of our team members has worked directly for Apple and two of our team members have worked directly for Intel. They also have contacts inside many of the major manufacturers, so when a problem arrises when both companies say it's the others problem, we can look at both sides to come up with the answer.

All of us work as a team, so if for some reason, your key contact isn't available any of the other team members can step in to take care of you. We pride ourselves in making sure your information is and IT services are in the best hands.

You will have a key contact on our team and they wlll be responsible for services to you. On the occassion that you key contact can't make the appointment, you will have the option of rescheduling or working with another member of our team.


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